Fighting Fit


Fighting Fit is a low impact, high-energy workout that incorporates solid pad work, weight training and conditioning, functional and circuit training with an emphasis placed on boxing techniques.  It is considered one of the most effective forms of cross-training available today and has proven to be a great stress reliever.

Boxing is one of the true all-around workouts available, meaning it strengthens and works all muscle groups rather than spot training one area alone. Boxing works the core muscles contained within your trunk, by using balance and strength. The leg muscles through various kicks and stances, the arm muscles through punching and jabbing, plus the back, shoulder and the glutes, through continued skipping and dodging movements that are essential for everyday life and overall body fitness. 

Leading fitness experts have discovered that repetitive workouts are detrimental to peak fitness. A constant up shift and down shift of cardio and strength training along with sudden burst training is proving more effective. Boxing incorporates this constant shift of workout, from shadow boxing with constant movement and flow, to pad work to weight training. An hour of boxing can produce more sweat and more calorie burn than a continuous one hour run.