Functionality Fit


Functionality Fit is perfectly created with a mixture of cardio, strength & endurance while moving in multi planes of movement. While using various upper and lower muscles at the same time, this class also strengthens the core to improve overall stamina. 

This type of functional training can assist with everyday life, making it easier to recover in the gym while reducing your risk of injury with other types of training.   

The class involves a combination of exercises which changes each class to keep the workout interesting & to introduce your body to a variation of exercises. 

These functional workouts can include the following examples:

  • Squats 
  • Push Ups 
  • Deadlifts 
  • Upper body rows 
  • Core training (planks, sit ups & more) 
  • Lunges 
  • Renegade Rows 

Get your body moving with our Functionality Fit class with one of our experienced trainers, Luca.