Rochana Hettiarachchi

Rochana Hettiarachchi

Strength & Performance Coach


Rochana is a passionate and motivated athlete with previous knowledge and skills in sports and recreational fitness. Born in Sri Lanka and currently residing on the Central Coast, Rochana has studied in the Australian College of Sports and Fitness.

He has always found a high interest in professionally committing himself in the sports and fitness field from a young age. Rochana has played professional Rugby, as a competent athlete for the past 4 years playing nationally and international games. This professional experience has enabled him to gain a variety of experience and knowledge within his current field as a personal trainer, and soon to be a strength and conditioning coach. 

During this time; he has gained extensive knowledge from one of the world’s leading strength and conditioning coaches, enduring sport specific training which further developed his skills and enabled him to become a greater all round personal trainer. 

Rochana believes we learn and pass on knowledge for the future generations, for the community, family, and people in need. He will use his knowledge for his clients, so they can achieve their goals and aspirations, which will develop and further his career as a fitness professional. 

      Certifications/qualifications & specialities
  • Cert III Personal Training
  • Cert IV Personal Training
  • Strength diploma
  •  First Aid