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The Rig 24/7 is committed to creating a gym environment like no other. We are not your standard commercial gym; we are not a health club, we are The Rig 24/7.

The Rig offers a 24/7 facility like no other on the Central Coast, with a community you want to be a part of and a range of equipment that offers something for all training levels and training styles, The Rig 24/7 is designed to welcome and facilitate progress towards a wide range of fitness and health goals.

Fitness passport accepted!

Fitness passport accepted

With a broad range of equipment ranging from serious weightlifting equipment (Olympic Barbells, Jerk Boxes, Weightlifting Platform) to functional training options (Kettlebells, Tyres, Medicine Balls and Climbing Ropes), The Rig is committed to allowing everybody to create the best version of themselves. With our qualified and experienced personal trainers on hand, the possibilities are endless, whether you need to improve for your sport, restore your health or just improve your general strength and fitness, we have you covered.

Without sounding cliché, despite all our equipment and training options, it truly is the people who make The Rig great, with a no tension, no ego attitude on the gym floor, everybody can feel welcome when walking into our gym. When you remove commercial BS you may find at other gyms, you create a positive environment that can guarantee you will be able to work towards creating YOU that YOU want to be!


Alongside our extensive range of functional fitness equipment, we also boast a range of specialized machines designed to aid in the rehabilitation process of sports and other related injuries. Our ERG Rowers, ERG Ski machines, and recombinant bike are commonly utilised in conjunction with a specialised program from our expert training staff who work closely with your therapist get you through that dreaded injury phase as speedily and painless as possible

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